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Is a senior consultant with extensive executive experience in premium corporate environments (Aon, Marsh, Clal Insurance Company), with core competences in business administration.

He has a multicultural experience, having responsibilities for 16 countries as Business Development Director for Marsh Eastern Europe and CEO for Aon South-Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova).

Entrepreneurial spirit, has been involved in few ventures, either as a partner (Marsh Romania, K.M.Trust & Partners) or as a single owner (Valmar, Valtman Consulting).

Comprehensive educational background, graduated in Finance (Bucharest Economics Academy), with scholarship at Stanford Graduate School of Management and international training program at INSEAD, plus EMBA program under-way at Pilkington-Ratiu Business School.

Having native leadership skills,  being involved in creating and developing teams for both set-up (Marsh Romania, K.M.Trust & Partenrs) and turn-around (Clal Insurance Company, Aon Romania) businesses. 

Highly self-motivated to face real challenges, his "religion" is "to walk the talk", since his most important belief is that we are much better represented by our actions, than by our words.

Vertical but trustee and reliable, with a strong will to make things happen when takes a commitment, whatever effort and sacrifice is required.

Positive thinker, looking always for solutions and being focused on results obtained exclusively on the basis of a high ethics approach, passion and professionalism, while having fun and a strong sense of humor. 

In love with life, searching happiness for him and for everybody, while realizing that happiness is the way and not the destination.

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