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WORKSHOP“FNFP” Finance for non Finance People.

Often, Sales and Marketing People complain that the finances Team doesn’t understand them and the needs for the company to make good business. Very likely, Finances Team will complain that their Sales and Marketing colleagues are not conscienscious enough to develop the financial health of the company … 

…  This course is dedicated  to any non financial   executive (Sales,Marketing, .. ) to understand and master the fundamentals of finances.




Demystifying the basic finances principles through the three main financial statements: Balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement and Cash flow.


Understanding the operational fundamental financials indicators  of any company.


Mastering interactions  with Finances and General Management for :   

  • Profit centre ( Business Unit ) Management

  • Cost management

  • Budgeting

  • Sales, Pricing and Profitability dynamic

Participants’ profile

Anyone interested in understanding and mastering the basic principles of financial management.

Operational or technical managers: Managers with technical background, who feel the need to understand the basic financial concepts.

Mid- to senior-level managers: those wishing to review the concepts for better ease of day-to-day use.

Self employed professionals: Doctors, Lawyers, Architects.

Participants tracking

. Before the course : Pre-Read for better use of the course, Assessment Questionnaire ( Level in Finances , Expectations).

. After the Course Module 1: Feed Back questionnaire . For Module 2: Description of situation for needs customization.

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